IT Network Assessment

The aim of the Network security assessment is to find prospects for change and obtain a summary of your internal network and its current status. This helps you to make more educated and strategic business decisions.

Network Assessment Services

The objective of a network security assessment is to identify potential areas for improvement and to gather a comprehensive overview of your existing internal network status. This enables you to make informed and strategic decisions in your business.

An initial step in a network security assessment involves acknowledging that the IT networks in your business have become increasingly complex and unpredictable due to various network activities. It also addresses some of your IT procedures that may be malfunctioning or causing issues.

You may have some assumptions about what the problems are, but without a thorough investigation of all network weaknesses and components, you cannot confirm them. Moreover, before considering any major network upgrades, it’s critical to understand the current status of your network infrastructure, applications, and processes. To accomplish this, you should seek the expertise of a professional IT service management provider.

Development and configuration review of the network

Both network hardware documents

Optimization of the network, as needed

Network topology analysis and documentation

Network traffic measurement

Comprehensive monitoring and recommendation on all findings

Network Assessment Process

Our Network Security Assessment Services perform a detailed evaluation of each system within your network (such as computers, notebooks, iPads, servers, routers, etc.). Our assessment includes compliance modules such as PCI and HIPAA, providing a thorough compliance evaluation.


Network Assessment Outcomes

Our network security risk assessments often reveal areas that require attention. Some of the common findings include:

Unsupported Operating Systems: We often identify machines running unsupported operating systems, which pose a significant security risk since they no longer receive security updates. We recommend upgrading or replacing these machines.

Lack of Anti-spyware: It’s not uncommon to find machines without anti-spyware applications installed. Such machines face a high risk of malware infection. We strongly recommend installing anti-spyware for both defense and efficiency.

Non-expiring User Passwords: We discover user accounts with passwords set to never expire, increasing the chances of unauthorized access. We recommend changing these passwords regularly.

Operating Systems with Extended Support: Sometimes we come across machines running an operating system with extended support, indicating the vendor will no longer provide patches or further support. We advise updating these machines before the end of the support period.

Our network security assessment is just the beginning of fortifying your network. Once vulnerabilities are identified, you can begin addressing these security issues.

Why You Need Our Services

Understanding the status and health of your network is crucial to your business operations. Our Network Security Assessment Services provide a comprehensive analysis of your data network in terms of current features, usability, and efficiency. Based on the physical and functional configurations of your existing network, along with its internal efficiency and business capabilities, we review your overall network architecture. This sets the groundwork for future business projects.

Most in-house IT teams are often too involved with their IT environments to identify potential pitfalls. We begin our assessment services by impartially evaluating your internal networks and providing unique recommendations to improve service levels and enhance your profitability. The extent and complexity of each assessment are tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Our network security assessment empowers your business with better insight into your network, allowing you to make informed decisions. A detailed evaluation of network architecture, utilization, and performance is vital to managing your business’s information technology environment successfully.

Whether you’re considering managed services, cloud computing, or virtualization, our expert team assesses your network to determine its readiness for these advancements. We identify any bottlenecks that could hinder peak network performance. After the assessment, a comprehensive report will provide recommendations on enhancing network efficiency.

Our team examines your entire networking landscape and collaborates with you to devise a tailored network solution that fits your technical and budgetary needs.

Additional Business Value

Using leading network security assessment tools, we can address your network capability and performance challenges, fine-tune your network, focus on your business’s network outcomes, and anticipate network availability issues before they impact your business. Our network engineers use proven methodologies to achieve the highest certifications.

We first gain a comprehensive understanding of your business concerns and technical issues. We then discuss best practices and techniques to integrate modern solutions into your existing setup. The session includes an analysis of the most recent trends in the IT sector.

Our Tailor-made
Network Assessment Process

we’re able to help you optimize efficiency, strengthen your protection, reduce risk, ensure regulatory enforcement and boost your ability to market – saving both time and money.


Achieve a comprehensive understanding of market concerns and technological issues.


Best practices and techniques to incorporate modern solutions into existing settings are discussed.


The session provides an analysis of the most emerging developments and trends in the IT sector


Then, a more in-depth workshop is expected based on the needs found. In this session, you will evaluate your technological, process and infrastructure management in greater detail and quantitatively with the intention of drawing up an action plan aimed at optimizing reliability, service and efficiency. Potential costs and other technical benefits are considered in the recommendations.


We use our four-step approach to formulate a new strategy to meet your needs after a systematic, unbiased analysis of your climate.

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