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We’re proud to partner with top-notch companies to deliver services we can be proud of.

We believe technology should enable organizations to be the absolute best at what they do. This commitment to customer success is why Linutech Solutions is recognized as the premier strategic managed service and security partner to strategic CIOs and IT leaders across the United States.

Why our credentials are important

At Linutech Solutions, we promise our clients premium service and expertise. Our elite certifications and industry partnerships are one of the biggest reasons why we can make that promise and make it with confidence.

We’ve configured our operations to comply with the highest data handling standards, so we stay ahead of the regulatory asks for every industry. Our growing national footprint gives us the opportunity to have deep relationships with the companies that provide our tools and networks. We’re putting this expertise to work for you, every day, through better trained service personnel, and cutting-edge products and packages.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Establish a Governance Framework, Develop a comprehensive governance framework that aligns with your business objectives and ensures accountability at all levels.

ITIL-Service Delivery

Best practices for managing IT services and improving IT support and service levels. One of our main goals is to ensure that IT services align with business objectives, even as business objectives change. 


As a trained and certified professional engineers, responsible for the operation of an organization’s software programs and daily operation for Microsoft applications.

AWS Cloud

AWS is a pioneer at the intersection of multiple industries services and technology, enabling our customers to optimize operations and accelerate innovation through the broadest set of services and partner solutions.

Strategic Partnerships

How we work with our partners

At Linutech Solutions, we treat our partners with the utmost respect and expect the same in return. We believe that the key to fostering any good relationship is finding the right balance between the give and the take.

We pride ourselves on striking the perfect harmony between the two so that our relationships can flourish to full potential.


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