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We have been helping businesses to optimize, improve, and modernize their IT infrastructure for years. We have turned numerous unreliable, slow, and outdated IT infrastructures into robust, modern, and powerful IT systems. Teaming up with Linutech’s IT consulting solutions has led various businesses towards smarter technology upgrades and increased ROI. We choose to follow a structured IT consultation process leading to profitable results in the shortest time possible.

Analysis of Existing IT Systems

Before offering our expert advice, we will understand the what, when, and how of your current IT landscape. Our IT advisors will work with your team one-on-one to understand the challenges and loopholes in the system. We will conduct a comprehensive audit of your entire infrastructure. This will give us a fair understanding of the things that can be added, eliminated, and automated.

Measure and Monitor IT Performance

Upon implementation of our proposed IT infrastructure, we will closely monitor your IT performance. We will measure the performance based on the defined success KPIs. We will work closely with your IT team to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Strategize and Come up With Optimum Cloud Design

After studying your existing software solutions, we will come up with powerful implementation strategies for your IT systems. We will design roadmaps and advice on the supporting technologies that will be most feasible for the proposed IT design. The Linutech It advisors will look into every IT workflow and advise on tech stack recommendations, solution redesigns, and system migrations.

Iterate and Improve IT operations

Based on the performance of your IT systems, we will keep improvising and coming up with even better solutions. You will notice continuous positive increments to your IT operations leading to smart and optimized business processes. Even after the attainment of your initial goals, we will assist you with future improvements and optimizations.

What Cloud
Services Offers

Cloud computing offers an array of benefits that can be instrumental in propelling your business forward. Our engineers at Linutech have accumulated hands-on experience with the most cutting-edge technologies in the industry. This equips our team with the ability to devise innovative and forward-looking solutions to foster your business growth.


Experience an impactful peek into the future using disruptive technologies such as IoT. IoT driven systems can help your business turn into an interconnected network embedded with sensors. Data collected from IoT can then be used to optimize your IT operations even further.

No Capital Expense

Use AI-based software and solutions to solve complex business challenges and effectively automate IT operations. Using this will not only optimize your business operations but will also save you time and money.

Capacity Freedom

Are you looking for more agile, scalable, and responsive software as a service solution? Then cloud computing is something that you must consider adopting. We, at Linutech, offer hassle-free migrations from your current IT landscape to cloud infrastructure. Our team has years of experience in cloud computing services such as Microsoft Azure and public cloud services. We will migrate your IT infrastructure while ensuring minimum disruptions to your hardware and software operations.


Use futuristic block chain solutions to create real-world applications using distributed ledger technologies. Right from ideation, checking for feasibility, to implementation of block chain solutions, we will breathe life into your futuristic ideas.

Speed Deployment

We will help you design predictive business models using machine learning and deep learning technologies. You will be able to predict outcomes and prevent potential failures in your systems. Using data from machine learning systems, you can brilliantly optimize business operations and increase ROI.

Technical Support

Use augmented and virtual reality technologies to design new-age solutions that will empower your business like nothing else. These technologies need the right expertise and skills, which is exactly what we can offer you.

Why Choose Linutech for
Cloud Migration

Aligning IT Operations With Business Goals

Our IT consulting process starts with a thorough audit of your existing IT environment. We will work with your team closely to understand the current IT processes, business workflows, and technology stack. With our IT consulting expertise, we will analyze and identify the existing downfalls in your IT systems. We will also get a comprehensive understanding of your business goals. Based on your business objectives, we will come up with the best possible IT infrastructure plan. This will help stabilize and accelerate your IT operations

Customizing IT Operations To Fit Your Business Needs

We understand that every enterprise has different objectives and different sets of goals. We are totally against the one-size-fits-all IT consulting solutions that simply prescribe the same solutions to all enterprises. We, at Linutceh, will customize our IT consulting services to tailor fit your business objectives. We will devise plans and tech stack based on the long-term visions for your business. We will come up with customized IT strategies while having your future plans in mind.

Building Proactive IT Environment

Our IT consultants would not wait for IT issues to crop up. We are not the IT consultants who would take hours to respond to your issues. Linutech IT consultants have a proactive approach to stabilizing and optimizing your operating systems. We don’t wait for issues to come up and systems to collapse. We will start monitoring your IT systems and coming up with smart solutions right from the first day.

Affordable IT Operation Cost

At Linutech, we strive to work hard and optimize your IT landscape in a reasonable budget that would fit your needs. This is mainly because we customize our IT consultation packages based on your business’ requirements. Hence, you get premium IT consultation and support at pocket-friendly prices.

Change Management

With years of experience in IT consulting, we have come up with standard business processes. These processes enable us to attain the best possible results for our clients within the least possible time. Right from understanding your goals, analyzing your existing systems, envisioning optimized IT infrastructure as a service, to incorporating improvements. We will take care of everything while ensuring the least possible disruption to your existing operations.

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