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Linutech Renders Enterprise Transformation

Our managed IT services focus on strategic development and operational deployment. Linutech’s multi-managed IT models can cater to on-premises and cloud-based solutions. Our managed cloud services allow businesses to turn their cloud actions into reality.

Did you know that by 2022, more than 90% of businesses will view fundamental managed IT solutions as critical competency? In the age of big data, businesses need to take swift, automated, and robust steps to get rid of data saturation and avoid data breaches.

In fact, data-based decisions are more logical and calculated to move towards growth. It is common for any business to encounter risks. The question is, are you ready to dive into the managed IT services that can help you create a great response mechanism. It is the answer to back up your valuable data.

At Linutech, we believe in an enterprise-level transformation through managed IT solutions and heightened cybersecurity protocols. Through automated workflows, you can streamline essential business tasks and increase visibility.

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Managed Services

Our Best Practices and Industry Standards

  • From Cloud Migration to Cloud Management
    Linutech offers flawless cloud migration, application deployment, and cloud management services to businesses. Our managed infrastructure service allows enterprises to manage current environments.
  • Data Managing and Tracking Services
    If you want to become an industry leader, you will have to use data managing and tracking services. Consequently, businesses can pay more attention to their IT resources.
  • Infrastructure and Support System
    With our infrastructure support, your business can have a managed database, managed network, managed storage, and managed communications.
  • Boost Operational Processes
    If you intend to transition and optimize operational processes, you can depend upon Linutech as one of the most reliable managed IT infrastructure security service providers.
  • From Better Visibility to Compliance Management
    It is a starting point for businesses to increase system uptime, improve visibility, complete strategic projects, speed up cloud adoption, take a look at estimated costs, extend support to systems, and maintain compliance.
  • Future-Proof IT Infrastructure
    With our proactive approach, managed IT solutions can lift the heavy burden of your business. Our focus of attention has always been to secure your existing and future IT environments.
  • Business Continuity and Data Recovery Plans
    Our business continuity and data recovery plans can cut back on the pressure your company may be facing right now. Part of our managed security services also involves disaster recovery and data backup services. To achieve data flexibility, you must opt for cloud-oriented data recovery and a backup plan.

Businesses now have the chance to automate networks through managed IT services. A better-optimized network translates into reduced costs. However, cost-effectiveness is the tip of the iceberg for managed networks.

Reliable network management provides business with new analytical insights and minimizes complexities. Heterogeneousness of networks and seamless integration becomes inevitable when you can embrace new technologies.

Just like big corporations, small and medium-sized businesses don’t have to build and manage network processes. Besides, businesses should be able to focus on core functions and let Linutech leverage modern network technologies.

We offer and recommend businesses to have a hybrid network. Once you have a multi-network system, it turns into a solution that makes it easy to resolve technical issues. With a hybrid managed network, you use automation and analytics to integrate applications across the cloud environment. 


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Boost Operations

When you have all the managed IT solutions and safe cybersecurity protocols in place, you can divert your attention to further improve your operational efficiency.  Streamlined business operations mean reduced costs and fewer IT complexities. And most importantly, it will allow businesses to provide a better end-product or service to customers.

As much as the feedback from your company’s team members and executives matter, it’s the adoption of new technological innovations that can make all the difference. Your business does not have to view an operational boost as a one-time achievement. Instead, your objective should be to use analytical metrics to your advantage and continuously improve operational efficiency.

Protect, Back, and Restore

More businesses need to understand the sacred IT practice to protect, back, and restore data. It is a process that allows businesses to separate data or applications and make copies. Your data is the holy grail of business operations.

Unique Disaster Recovery Approach

Linutech understands the unique needs of each organization that require a different DR approach. Before our team of experts devises a DR plan, we go through an extensive testing process that makes a comparative analysis of your business’ IT operations.

Strategic IT Planning Services


Leverage Linutech’s specialized IT consultancy services that involve a set of tech-oriented strategies. Our consulting IT experts can provide you with strategic guidance on IT budget planning, cloud strategy, disaster recovery planning, IT review, business continuity plan, IT communication, and disaster and recovery plan.

IT Services

An All-In-One Portal for Your Business

Linutech takes pride as a leader in managed IT solutions. Businesses no longer have to look for multiple IT services from different outlets. Linutech is an all-in-one suite of IT solutions to rule them all.

v  Eliminate IT Complexities

A strategic and integrated approach does not have to be complicated when you can have a partner like Linutech that understands market dynamics.

v  Robust Automation

Automate IT processes to render seamless operations and simplify IT processes.

v  Complete IT Control

With us by your side, your business can realize its full potential. When it comes to IT control, your business needs to be in the front seat.

v  Multi-Cloud Strategy

We can help you create a realistic hybrid cloud strategy that would align with your business operations.

v  Compliance Management

We can ensure your business is compliant and up-to-date about changing governance policies

v  Recover and Validate

We can help you recover data and authenticate your entire IT infrastructure

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