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Work with leading IT Experts to leverage technology and digitalize your way to success,  improve the performance of your organization’s security and to make the right decision.

Data protection is of utmost importance for enterprises in all markets in today’s data driven environment. Data breaches, resulting in expensive financial and sales data loss and leakages of confidential customer information, will occur without adequate protection. Such infringements of knowledge will empty bank balances, drown firms and may harm human life. In response, Linutech has introduced many security legislation to strengthen information security compliance for enterprises.


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Why do you need compliance and security?

Big U.S. businesses hold at least one IT security regulatory enforcement. Many of these laws are not only compulsory, they also help businesses greatly:

  • Enhancement of defense: IT safety regulations strengthen corporate security by setting specific safety criteria. This baseline ensures reasonably stable standards of enterprise data protection in the related industries.
  • Minimize losses: In essence, increased security would avoid infringements that are expensive for firms. In revenue, maintenance costs and court bills, several businesses wind up costing millions, all of which can be stopped with effective preventative steps.
  • Improved protection is part of improved control: Control is enhanced. Prevent employee errors and theft by insiders using improved credentials when tracking potential risks.

Keep trust: consumers trust their knowledge to firms. Honor your trust in enhanced security technologies, which secure your privacy.

Network threat Prevention

Ransomware Detection and Recovery


Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Advanced Anti-Exploit

Email Security

Protect Your Business with Managed Security Services

Our cybersecurity services involve measures that review the security standards of businesses. You can count on Linutech’s thoroughness and expertise to deploy the newest cybersecurity solutions.

Assessment of Cybersecurity Threats

An outdated and unsafe IT infrastructure can lead to irreversible damages. We can identify the key security threats your business may be facing right now.

Receive Cybersecurity Reports

Our cybersecurity report consists of weaknesses, gaps, potential room for improvements, and future opportunities. Linutech will not offer any cybersecurity measure that does not align with your organization strategy.

Data Governance and Cybersecurity

Linutech believes in data governance and can take care of high data volumes that increase cybersecurity threats. With our cybersecurity services, you can secure your data and maintain a financial position in the market.

Cybersecurity Collaboration

If you don’t even have a cybersecurity plan, Linutech can devise one just for you. The more you collaborate with us, the more awareness you will gain about your cybersecurity state. A perfect cybersecurity plan should revolve around your organization’s strategy and business needs. It’s an excellent cybersecurity strategy that allows businesses to think ahead and thwart potential cybersecurity attacks.

Protection Against Ransomware

It may sound harsh, but many businesses often don’t recover from a cyber breach. Our cybersecurity services will roll out the protection your business needs against ransomware and other potential cybersecurity disasters.

Compliance and Risk Management

Linutech guarantees compliance and risk management throughout IT managed services. Our IT cybersecurity initiatives utilize frameworks that will consistently improve your business performance.  

Review Multiple Cybersecurity Threats

Whether you’re worried about your vendor or cannot evaluate the risk of a third-party service, let Linutech secure your data from a multitude of cyber threats.

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