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Ransomware in Rise, Good Backup No Longer Saves you

We help small businesses against cyber attacks and fast recovery  

Traditional ransomware started as soon as malware executed, encrypts files and folders. But today’s ransomware different . Victims tricked into executing small file then followed by malware from a serve and these files disappear from AV and it keep of detection and spreading, collect as many passwords, Steals intellectual property. steals credentials, threats victims’ employees and customers.


  • Email/Phishing 65% 65%
  • Unpatched Software 35% 35%
  • USB Key/Others 15% 15%
  • RDP Compromise 35% 35%

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Cyber Assessment

Cyber Threats & Vulnerabilities

Phishing Attacks Prevention

Malware Analysis

Cyber Mitigation

Business Continuity Plan


All in One Small Business Cyber Security Solution

Data protection is of utmost importance for enterprises in all markets in today’s data driven environment. Data breaches, resulting in expensive financial and sales data loss and leakages of confidential customer information, will occur without adequate protection. Such infringements of knowledge will empty bank balances, drown firms and may harm human life. In response, Linutech has introduced many security legislation to strengthen information security compliance for enterprises.

  • In fact, data-based decisions are more logical and calculated to move towards growth. It is common for any business to encounter risks. The question is, are you ready to dive into the managed IT services that can help you create a great response mechanism. It is the answer to back up your valuable data.

  • At Linutech, we believe in an enterprise-level transformation through managed IT solutions and heightened cybersecurity protocols. Through automated workflows, you can streamline essential business tasks and increase visibility.

Businesses need to view this process as a mobius circle where one IT solution complements another. A unified IT approach is ideal to back, review, and audit data. It is a set of data solutions that optimize business performance.

Network threat Prevention

Ransomware Detection and Recovery


Intrusion Detection and Prevention



Advanced Anti-Exploit

Email Security

Avoid External and Internal Disaster Recovery Issues

In most cases, Linutech recommends businesses a comprehensive DR plan to avoid external and internal issues that might become detrimental to your business.

Monitor Disaster Recovery Performance

After deployment of an IT disaster recovery plan, Linutech prioritizes performance monitoring without interruptions. You can also check cloud-based disaster recovery services.

Align Business Processes

Our solution optimizes and synchronizes your business processes that become a crucial factor to maximize performance. With Linutech, businesses no longer have to imagine or daydream about an integrated DR plan that can secure applications and data 24/7.

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