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Have you considered assessing your company on a network, but you do not know what this entails or how your business profits from the assessment?

Let us break it down for you. An overview of your company’s current IT networks, administration, security, procedure and efficiency is a comprehensive network evaluation study.

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Do you need Network Assessment?

The aim of the Network security assessment is to find prospects for change and obtain a summary of your internal network and its current status. This helps you to make more educated and strategic business decisions.

A network security evaluation also begins with recognizing that the IT networks of the business have become more and more unclear that is happening elsewhere in the network. It covers certain aspects of your IT processes which have begun to malfunction or trigger your difficulties.

You might have an idea of what the issues may be, but you can’t validate it without a full review of all network flaws and components. Furthermore, after first knowing the current state of your network infrastructure, applications and procedures, you may not want to make a new large scale network setup. To do this, enter a specialist IT services provider of management services.

What Does Network Assessment Include?

Network security assessments include, but are not limited to:

Development and configuration review of the network

Network topology analysis and documentation

Both network hardware documents

Network traffic measurement

Optimization of the network, as needed

Comprehensive monitoring and recommendation on all findings

 Does Network Assessment do?

All devices within the network are checked and evaluated during a network security risk assessment.

A network security evaluation evaluates how each such system (for example computers, notebooks, iPads, servers, routers, and so on) is run. Some have enforcement modules, such as PCI and HIPAA compliance, where the test takes up.

The IT services team is also studying (or scanning) the Exchange Server during a network test. These scans search for compliance-specific abnormalities or difficulties.

A network inspection has the ability, aside from enforcement, to detect atypical details or something that may stand out.


We share some typical network security risk assessment findings from the network, which have shown us that the evaluation is important. There are useful sources you can consider when updating your risk evaluation for your network.

 Operating system not supported

 Question: Machines have been detected running an unsupported operating system. Unsupported operating systems will no longer get security updates and face an intrinsic risk.

Recommendation: These machines should be upgraded or replaced.

 Uninstalled anti-spyware

 Subject: Certain machines have not discovered anti-spyware applications. The risk of developing malicious software is substantial without sufficient protection against viruses and anti-spyware on both workstations and servers.

Recommendation: We highly suggest that anti-spyware be used to reduce difficulties with both defense and effectiveness.

 Set to never expiration User Password

 Issue: The possibility of unauthorized users using user accounts with passwords that are unlikely to expire. It is quicker to hack than regularly updating passwords.

Recommendation: Search and install both accounts with passwords that would never expire.

 Extended Support Operating System

Issue: Machines have been observed using an extended service operating system. Extended support is a warning period until the vendor supports an operating system and does not offer further support or patches any more.

Recommendation: Update machines with long-term support for operating systems until lifespan.

 Note that the network security evaluation is just the first step in ensuring the reliability of the network. You will continue to plug these security troubles until you know what the vulnerabilities are.

 Do you need it?

Knowing your network’s status and health is key to ensuring the smooth operation of your company. With respect to existing features, usability and efficiency, our Network security assessment services include a comprehensive analysis of the data network. Based on the physical and functional configurations of the new network, as well as the internal efficiency and business capabilities, we will review your overall network architecture. We would also pave the foundations for future company ventures.

Most IT teams in house are simply too close to their IT environments to detect shocks and other problems.

We launch our network security evaluation services by assessing the internal networks in an impartial manner and making unique advice to help you improve service levels and enhance your profitability. The duration and complexity of each review depend on the context and individual needs of the consumer.

 To know if your network supports business objectives

         A network security assessment allows the business to be more accessible to the network, enabling management to make smarter choices. Detailed network architecture, utilization and performance measurement is vital to the successful management of the information technology environment of your business.

 To know if your business is ready for managed services, cloud computing, or virtualization

 Our expert team will look at your network to decide whether you are promoting these emerging innovations in your networks. They can also discover some bottlenecks that impede a peak performance on your network. Following the study, a written report will show you how to enhance the efficiency of your network.

 Our staff analyses the entire networking landscape and works with you to create a custom-made network solution that suits your technological and budgetary needs.

Added Business Value

  • Network capability/performance challenges using leading network security assessment tools
  • Tune the network at the right spot
  • Concentration on network results of your company
  • Shows how to fine tune the network to eliminate interruptions
  • Predicts network availability challenges before the enterprise is impacted
  • Our networking engineers are using our validated methods and methodologies to achieve the highest certifications.

 Our Tailor-made Network Assessment Process:

  1. We first achieve a comprehensive understanding of market concerns and technological issues.
  2. Best practices and techniques to incorporate modern solutions into existing settings are discussed.
  3. The session provides an analysis of the most emerging developments and trends in the IT sector.
  4. Then, a more in-depth workshop is expected based on the needs found. In this session, you will evaluate your technological, process and infrastructure management in greater detail and quantitatively with the intention of drawing up an action plan aimed at optimizing reliability, service and efficiency. Potential costs and other technical benefits are considered in the recommendations.
  5. We use our four-step approach to formulate a new strategy to meet your needs after a systematic, unbiased analysis of your climate.

Via our comprehensive customer commitments, we’re able to help you optimize efficiency, strengthen your protection, reduce risk, ensure regulatory enforcement and boost your ability to market – saving both time and money.

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