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We will put a powerful IT infrastructure for on-premise or cloud that will help you predict and prevent IT damages beforehand control any unexpected cost

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We have been helping businesses to optimize, improve, and modernize their IT infrastructure for years. We have turned numerous unreliable, slow, and outdated IT infrastructures into robust, modern, and powerful IT systems. Teaming up with Linutech’s IT consulting solutions has led various businesses towards smarter technology upgrades and increased ROI. We choose to follow a structured IT consultation process leading to profitable results in the shortest time possible.

  • Analysis of Existing IT Systems: Before offering our expert advice, we will understand the what, when, and how of your current IT landscape. Our IT advisors will work with your team one-on-one to understand the challenges and loopholes in the system. We will conduct a comprehensive audit of your entire infrastructure. This will give us a fair understanding of the things that can be added, eliminated, and automated.
  • Strategize and Come up With Optimum Cloud Design: After studying your existing software solutions, we will come up with powerful implementation strategies for your IT systems. We will design roadmaps and advice on the supporting technologies that will be most feasible for the proposed IT design. The Linutech It advisors will look into every IT workflow and advise on tech stack recommendations, solution redesigns, and system migrations. 
  • Measure and Monitor IT Performance: Upon implementation of our proposed IT infrastructure, we will closely monitor your IT performance. We will measure the performance based on the defined success KPIs. We will work closely with your IT team to ensure that no stone is left unturned. 
  • Iterate and Improve IT operations: Based on the performance of your IT systems, we will keep improvising and coming up with even better solutions. You will notice continuous positive increments to your IT operations leading to smart and optimized business processes. Even after the attainment of your initial goals, we will assist you with future improvements and optimizations.

Linutech IT Solutions – IT Services-Cyber Security-Network is an amazing company. We have used their services for several years, and really believe in their problem-solving ability across all spectrums of the IT realm. We have never had an IT issue that this company couldn’t readily resolve. They also have ultimate integrity, efficiency, and knowledge, and so you can be assured in knowing, that your job will be complete to your satisfaction, whether you’re at a corporate level or as an individual consumer, as well as knowing, that there are years of experience behind their product of excellent service.






Performance Efficiency

Cost Optimization

Operation Support

Disaster Recovery Services

Advantage of Cloud Computing

Linutech’s IT Engineers have hands-on experience in the industry’s leading technologies. This empowers our team to come up with the most futuristic ideas and solutions for your business visions


Experience an impactful peek into the future using disruptive technologies such as IoT. IoT driven systems can help your business turn into an interconnected network embedded with sensors. Data collected from IoT can then be used to optimize your IT operations even further

No Capital Expense

Use AI-based software and solutions to solve complex business challenges and effectively automate IT operations. Using this will not only optimize your business operations but will also save you time and money.

Capacity Freedom

Are you looking for more agile, scalable, and responsive software as a service solution? Then cloud computing is something that you must consider adopting. We, at Linutech, offer hassle-free migrations from your current IT landscape to cloud infrastructure. Our team has years of experience in cloud computing services such as Microsoft Azure and public cloud services. We will migrate your IT infrastructure while ensuring minimum disruptions to your hardware and software operations. 


Use futuristic block chain solutions to create real-world applications using distributed ledger technologies. Right from ideation, checking for feasibility, to implementation of block chain solutions, we will breathe life into your futuristic ideas.

Speed Deployment

We will help you design predictive business models using machine learning and deep learning technologies. You will be able to predict outcomes and prevent potential failures in your systems. Using data from machine learning systems, you can brilliantly optimize business operations and increase ROI.

Technical Support

Use augmented and virtual reality technologies to design new-age solutions that will empower your business like nothing else. These technologies need the right expertise and skills, which is exactly what we can offer you.

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